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Supporting network for LCC
In LCC, miners pack the transactions into blocks, broadcast to network, record as a blockchain, help all participants complete the transaction security and transparent.
Mining means that the miners compete for the latest high-level block-packing rights with equipment calculation capabilities, and they will also receive processing fee during the package basic rewards.
Download Core
Include LCC core rule, wallet manage and send transaction, mining, block browser。
HaokuangJust minerThird party
We recommend that non-professional users join mining pools during mining, and contribute their computing capacity together with other miners in the mine pool. While maintaining the block network, they will also receive more stable earnings incentives.
Only for blockchain learning study, prohibit the sale and purchase at your own risk. Core version 0.0.37
LCC community and Haowallet cooperation activitiesNo.3 2018-03-01

At present, the long-term storage of digital chain deposits has ended on April 20, 2018. Participating users are required to wait patiently and regularly to obtain revenue.

The deposited LCC allows for forced unlocking (forced unlocking can be done after 90 days of deposit) and you will be able to use the stored LCC immediately after it is completed, but you will not receive any revenue.

Scan the left QR code to download a Haowallet app
Users who are installing the Apple version for the first time need to enter Settings
Open General -> Device Management
Open a company with an English name
Click on trust to use
(If it cannot be opened in the future, please delete and re-install it.)
Discuss & Learning
LCC Community & Source code

Ask questions that have not yet been answered in the community, or submit questions that you find. The development of LCC is inseparable from the support, encouragement, and assistance of all enthusiasts.

Join QQ Group for welfare

While conducting in-depth discussions, the dedication of the blockchain has been promoted to the extreme, contributing to the children of mountain schools.

Join qq group needs send 588L to LCC address:


All LCC received by the wallet will be provided by the LCC Charities Foundation to regularly arrange replacement of school supplies, daily necessities, etc. to children in mountain schools.

Join QQ Group for discuss & learning

You are welcome to join LCC to study and exchange QQ groups and instantly communicate with, communicate with and learn from LCC enthusiasts in group chats.

Organization & Application

China great pool, It is the first LCC professional mine pool dedicated to giving users a better mining experience and more stable LCC returns.


First LCC mobile wallet provides users with functions such as sending transactions, mining machine management, and contact management anytime anywhere.

Block city

LCC Monopoly Casual Games developed by third-party developers, players can win more rewards with very few inputs.

Block Chess

The first LCC landlord, beef cattle, fishing and other chess games hall developed by third-party developers, online fair game competition platform. You can use LCC to participate in casual games and win more LCCs while you are busy.